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Bullying in the Workplace is serious. Of this there is no doubt. Employment Tribunals have increased the maximum award they can make in cases where Bullying and Harassment are proven. The amount now for Constructive Dismissal is £66,000.

But if this fact doesn't motivate an employer to get his/her house in order then some other financial data might.

According to the National NHS staff survey 2008, 1 in 6 members of all staff had experienced bullying, harassment or abuse. The NHS employs over 1.5 million staff.
Of leavers 1 in 5 leave because of Bullying.

Are you absolutely certain that you are not losing productivity, revenue and therefore bottom line profit through Bullying or Harassment within your organisation?

  • Rising Absenteeism
  • Increasing sick leave
  • Lateness
  • Extended coffee/tea/lunch breaks
  • Lowering morale
  • Increasing quality issues
  • Workplace ‘atmospheres'
  • More reworks
Steps you can take:

First and foremost, take the decision that you accept that it could happen in your organisation. By all means call us for a FREE consultation on how to get started. This could be the most important factor of all, especially if you are a responsible manager within the NHS. WE CAN HELP - 01793 338888.

Be seen to be doing something about the recognition of the potential threat. Publish a Bullying and Harassment policy and procedures, and make sure all staff are aware of it and read it. If you don't have a Policy we will supply you with one FREE.

Ensure all your operational Line Managers have training in the recognition, required action and implications to both your organisation and your employees of Bullying and Harassment. If a Line Manager does not know what to do s/he could unwittingly make the situation worse. We can provide a suitable Line Management workshop, either one customised to your particular requirements or a standard catch all that will give your managers the grounding they need. Specific topics that should be addressed include:

  • a) An understanding of the problem and what to do
  • b) A simplified explanation of the Employment Act 2008 especially the ACAS Code of Practice for Grievance and Discipline, which both employee and employer are advised to respect under the Act
  • c) A short guide to basic recognition of a Diversity problem and how to try to snip it in the bud
  • d) What to do if it is a larger problem than can be handled at first line manager level
  • e) Actual wording that managers can use to help resolve an issue
  • f) Assertiveness training.
  • Use a Third Party to Investigate cases of Grievance where you suspect Bullying or Harassment has taken place. An acceptance of a third party decision by an employee, is far less expensive than an internal decision which is not accepted by the employee who takes the case to an Employment Tribunal.

    We can also provide a Mentoring service, where we help to resolve issues between employers/Employees without resorting to expensive legal fees or worse, an Employment Tribunal hearing.

    Remember it costs only a phone call to talk. We may be able to help you to avoid litigation!

    The phone number is 01793 338888 and don't forget the £66,000 rule!

    Certainly our costs will be a fraction of the costs of going through litigation


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