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Why Worry?

I am a good manager and I am doing a good job for my company.

The Company respects the Law and Diversity issues rarely arise in my area. As and when they do I pass them on to the HR Department, where they have people qualified to deal with the issue and I can carry on with the job I am paid for. As for Bullying, it is just not tolerated in the company and never occurs.'

An employee in a local Company said: "After several months of uninterrupted bullying I was a quivering wreck, unable to eat, unable to sleep, terrified of going to work and all because of one individual, unfit to be allowed out on his own let alone be in a position of management".

A senior manager, same time, in the same Company said: "We don't have bullying here. It's not a problem"

There is no other Company quite like HR & Diversity Management Limited (HR&DM).

HR&DM provide a high-quality, low cost, dispute resolution service, specialising in the arena of Workplace Bullying and Conflict Management. HR&DM support both the employee and the employer in both the Public and Private Sector across the UK. We provide a degree of FREE support also. No other organisation or Consultant provides this level of support, in this way !

HR&DM has a 10 year, highly successful, track record in the arena of conflict management and have become expert advisers to a number of blue-chip organisations. We wrote our first Step By Step Guide in 1997, especially for HR professionals, and we have spoken on Radio and National Television.

We are different from other Consultants because we have a unique insight into Workplace bullying and, as mentioned above, we offer support to both parties (unlike Solicitors, ACAS and other Consultants).

HR&DM, additionally, offers a number of FREE services including;

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FREE personnel master templates for HR professionals

FREE Consultation to victims of workplace bullying

FREE advice to employers facing change management, redundancy or other contentious projects.

We operate two Websites - For Employers and line managers -for Employees and managers


We believe in TEAM WORK.

T - Taking the heat out of the situation

E - Establishing a cost effective way-forward for both the employer and the employee

A - Actively supporting both parties in a 'hands-on' operational way

M - Mediatng, mentoring and guiding both parties through Dispute Resolution 3-Steps


W - Working with line-management; training, coaching, auditing policies and identifying best-practice methodologies

O - Offering the option of an impartial, independent, INVESTIGATIVE SERVICE where complaints or a high level of staff grievances exist/are made

R - Recommending solutions in the case of Redundancy, Change Management, Employment Tribunal cases, Grievance & Disciplinary and other contentious matters

K - Keeping in close touch. Building & developing future relationships AT ALL LEVELS


Diversity has many aspects; Discrimination, Equal Opportunities, Data Protection, Bullying and Harassment are examples. Discrimination itself has several guises; Race, Sex, Disability and now Age. However, statistics show that Bullying in the Workplace is by far the most prevalent.

According to Personnel Today workplace bullying was the biggest cause of staff grievance at 42.5%.   The same survey found that sexual discrimination, racial discrimination and harassment rated at only 4.5% in comparison.

One in three people actually leave their jobs as a result of bullying.


What numbers are involved?

We discuss these in this site but as an initial Guide you will see case studies where Employment Tribunals have awarded sums well in excess of 100,000.   Of course this nowhere approaches the cost to the company after Litigation costs, manager and employee's time and the reputation damage, especially to large organisations.

We also discuss the recognition of Diversity, and discuss how it arises. We look at what the Law says and we point interested managers to further reading on the subject.

However, when it comes to what to do, we can visit your offices and take an hour or so of your time discussing the main actions you can take in your area of operation to minimise conflict.

We want you to be fully aware of the issues surrounding Diversity. What the impact could be on your company and your company's employees. How to recognise conflict, be it Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination or whatever, and what to do about it.

Of course, you can contact us for advice at any time in the future and let's hope together we can minimise Diversity issues within your organisation.

``You can employ Diversity experts by the hundredweight, build-up your team of HR experts and encourage your PR people to promote the fact that you care about your workforce - but if your line-managers are not trained to `manage' people you may just as well spend your time practicing writing zero's on your Corporate cheque book.  Employment Tribunal awards start at 58K and Tribunals will take a poor view where an employer has failed to follow basic Grievance & Disciplinary guidelines laid down in The Employment Act 2002, Dispute Resolution Reforms 2004".


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