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Bullying In The Workplace - the Size of the Problem

“Bullying is discrimination. Bullying does not discriminate. We are all potential targets. Despite this there is no legislation which protects us against bullying in the UK today.
Christine Pratt. FCIPD FCMI. 2008.

Samaritan’s Statistics : January 2008
8 in 10 workers are affected by Workplace Bullying

Did you know that recent statistics documented by Portsmouth University insist that 80% of managers know that Bullying is occurring in their workplace.
Few admitted being involved though.

49% of managers have suffered bullying themselves.

37% of managers say they have had no proper management training.

80% of calls to The National Bullying Helpline are from the Public Sector.

Bullying affects 1 in 4 people in the workplace, today.

During 2006 32% of the complaints investigated by HR&DM were found to be vexatious.

The average cost to an employer of going to Tribunal is £16,000

Tribunal Statistics rose by 25% in 2006

“So?” you might think. “Why should I be concerned about workplace bullying?”
Bullying is a major cause of staff grievance, high stress levels and high absenteeism. Allowing the continuation of bullying in your workplace will cost thousands of pounds as well as people’s livelihoods.

BERR alleges that disputes cost the UK £120 million per annum

19 million sick days are lost due to bullying per annum

Sickness absence is costing the UK : £13 billion per annum

The truth is; companies all over Britain are losing excellent staff and huge amounts of money at the hands of bullying and its related issues. The good news is all this waste is needless and all of the products of bullying are preventable.

Help Create Awareness
The first step towards a productive, bully-free working environment is to create an awareness of bullying in the workplace, teaching staff how to spot the signs and agreeing to its solution. The positive effect this will have on your working environment and the individuals within it will be palpable and will help ensure the continued success and longevity of your company!

“National Ban Bullying Day” & “Anti-Bullying Week”
There are two national initiatives taking place in November every year, offering support with workplace bullying. Please do whatever you can and show your support for both. We would like you to advertise these most important helpline telephone numbers on your Company intranet, notice boards, around offices and wherever you can, in an ongoing capacity, to offer support to anyone who is affected by bullying.

For support with Bullying in the Workplace, Bullying in Schools or Domestic Violence, please call The National Bullying Helpline 0845 22 55 787

By ensuring all your staff are aware of The National Bullying Helpline, you are pro-actively encouraging the resolution of costly and contentious workplace issues and empowering your management to be vigilant in deterring bullying culture, ultimately ensuring the happiness and success of your company – allowing your company to get on with what it should be doing best; making money!

Help and support is always available through the National Bullying Helpline. Employees and employers can download:

A FREE 'What to do Guide' for all

A Complete Guide to Dispute Resolution for employees or managers who are either; accused of Bullying, or who are dealing with contentious issues.

These documents are avail;able from:

If you would like more information on bullying or to explore any of the issues covered above please contact us at or 01793 338888.


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