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The Tell Tale Signs



  1. Shouting and Swearing
  2. Instantaneous rages over trivial matters
  3. Punishments dispensed out of the blue
  4. Ignoring other people's points of view
  5. Personal insults and name-calling
  6. Persistent criticism
  7. Persistently setting unrealistic deadlines
  8. Spreading malicious rumours
  9. Constantly moving goal posts and withholding information
  10. Ostracising, Ignoring, excluding and freezing people out
  11. Making threats
  12. Removing responsibility
  13. Allocating menial tasks

If any of the above sounds familiar, you may be witnessing inappropriate workplace behaviour.

Does this behaviour go on in your organisation?  If it does, and you are a responsible manager, DO SOMETHING!

We recommend that you call the FREE National Bullying Helpline : 0845 22 55 787


Positive Comments from Employers and Employees who did something and rang us!

Yes please, I do want to continue receiving your free monthly Newsletters. We find them very I interesting and discuss them at regular HR meetings. Blue Chip Employer in Swindon 2005.

I would like to sign up for the monthly newsletter. I would be highly interested in diversity issues. Thank you very much. Corporate Employer September 2005

Oh joy! I am so happy to receive some support at last. I suspect that I just got a poorly informed employee versus their company status on bullying employers. Happy holidays and thank you so much for your response. Sandra.
An employee HR&DM assisted. December 2005

Best wishes to you also for the New Year and beyond and I sincerely hope that you and your company continue the good work you are doing. I mentioned your company during my Appeal and that if cases such as mine are considered to be so complex then my Employer should consider employing external specialist services such as those provided by you. What a complex case. You will be pleased to hear that I won my Appeal by unanimous decision. Many thanks again for your support.
An employee HR&DM successfully assisted. February 2006.

Many thanks for these documents and for all the support when I phoned the other morning. I did not know there was a service like this until I found your website.
Help line victim who was sent Free Step by Step Guide April 2006

Thanks for this, have just spent an enjoyable hour reading it! Fantastic job, you have managed to impart clarity into the veritable "forest" of paper. Your conclusions and recommendations are in my view absolutely accurate, and highlight the real need for management training. Best wishes and thanks for all your support.
Satisfied Corporate Employer on receipt of an Investigation Report. May 2006

Thank you very much for your help. The information you have provided has been of great assistance. It's sad that it is becoming such a huge problem and it is so difficult sometimes to recognise because it's not necessarily, as you point out - a manager bullying a colleague - it can be the lesser colleague bullying the manager and I've seen relatively confident outgoing people bullied by seemingly more reserved, shy characters, just in a very subtle way so as to almost go unnoticed. Kelly-Anne.
Student. June 2006

I saw you on 'This morning' after having read about your most recent case in the papers. Thank goodness that there are people like you who are willing to help ordinary workers fight against their Goliaths. Thanks again.
Wife on behalf of her husband, who was bullied. June 2006

I am very interested in the support you offer after watching the This Morning programme yesterday. I have seen your website and you seem to be the only organisation fully aware of all aspects of the affects and traits of bullying in the workplace.
Victim of workplace bullying. June 2006

Thanks for your e-mail. I spoke at length to your husband shortly before Sue Preston's case was decided by the tribunal. Your WHY questions (for the Minister) are SPOT-ON and exactly what I see as a major widespread problem – ‘The Tip of a very big iceberg’. Keep up your pressure.
Teacher who contacted HR&DM. June 2006

Thanks for this, have just spent an enjoyable hour reading it. Fantastic job. You have managed to impact clarity into the veritable ‘forest’ of paper. Your conclusions and recommendations are, in my view, absolutely accurate and highlight the real need for management training.
NHS : Following receipt of Investigation Report June 2006

Thank you very much for all the documentation. It is excellent to know that bullying is being discussed in the media.
Teacher. July 2006

It was such a relief to be able to talk to some-one about the very long-standing problems I have of bullying, verbal aggressive and threatening behaviour etc. by my boss. I have been looking at many websites, e-mail help-lines etc. for well over a year and it means a lot to me to have some sort of backing from the professionals.
Teacher. July 2006

I wish I had known about you when all this started last year. am sure you have probably heard it all in your line of work and I want you to know that I think what you are doing is really important and I would like to suggest that if you haven’t already , you contact every teaching union in the UK and make sure they know about you and more importantly, teachers know there is a place to go for help. Do you have a stand or a presence at their conferences? Maybe you can make a difference one day and promote some ethical help for teachers who just want to do their job well. Good luck and thanks again for your help.
Teacher. July 2006

Thank you so much for speaking to me today it is so comforting to have
someone understands our appalling situation. This whole climate of bullying
at work - especially in Primary Schools has got completely out of control.
Thank you for speaking with me today , watching you on 'This Morning' last
week was very comforting. At least it made people more aware of the enormity
of the situation.
A Teacher. July 2006

Remember - we support both employers and employees. We hope to bring you both back together in workplace harmony!

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